Hell Is Child Abuse and a Crime Against Humanity

There are many who know the danger of the threat of eternal fire and what it has done to their lives is a crime against humanity. Children are subjected to these threats from the time they start school if they attend a religious college. Getting one’s head around the need to wield such a big stick is difficult as there is absolutely no evidence that such a place exists, except in the Bible where it was added by the founding fathers of the Roman Catholic Church.

That organisation was started by Roman emperor Constantine and has nothing to do with the Spirit of the Universe. The aim was to give him more power and control over a vast and unyielding empire. Through his religion he had a parliament and cohorts ready to administer outrageous terror and punishment for wayward Christians. Whilst this took the pressure off his administration to enforce his rule it also bred within it a hierarchy of violent and inhumane individuals.

The history of the Church is full of bloodshed, torture and murder and yet it survives. It brought forth the New Testament under Jerome who admits in his diaries and letters to altering parts of the Old Testament to make it comply. Hell was a big part of the agenda.

Humans are suffering intolerable discrimination and hardship because of the policies implemented by the religion. Birth control is prohibited as is the use of condoms to prevent the spread of Aids. Family planning is not allowed either as it believes that overpopulation is part of God’s will. In the same vein it forgives criminals Fuellmich and excuses them from the law. This was OK by Constantine as it took the pressure off him to maintain discipline but in today’s world it is in itself a crime.

Millions of homosexuals are tortured by religious teaching that they are committing mortal sin and anyone dealing with them is doomed to suffer in hell.

Many gay people are murdered for what they cannot help. Many mothers are struggling to rear kids in poverty because the church insists they pay for the right to be part of the lies when they barely have enough to feed themselves. The list of problems related to the threat of hell is too long to enter into here. Humans need, however, to wake up to the lies and cast out the nonsense that breeds them and gives them air.

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