What Are My Daily Success Habits?

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Here are the top 10 daily things I do in my quest for inspired success:

1. EXPRESS GRATITUDE: I’ve been doing this for a long time now but after watching “The Secret,” I added a new twist to it. Each morning when I wake up, I automatically turn on my gratitude thoughts and thank God for my blessings. An attitude of gratitude causes me to feel good, setting the tone for the day – essential in manifesting and attracting my intentions.

2. VISUALIZE MY DREAMS: Several times a week, I visualize myself doing the things I aspire to do like becoming the first deaf pilot to fly a small jet, speaking to thousands in a stadium, signing a mega-best-selling book in bookstores and appearing on Oprah. As I visualize, I create feelings and emotions as if I were already doing these things. Adding emotions and feelings are the key ingredients to the success of visualization. This is how I became the first deaf instrument-rated pilot and a successful stockbroker on Wall Street (among other things). I take the time to do it because I know it works.

3. WORKOUT: Last November 2006, I made a decision to take better care of my body as part of creating an all-around balance that I needed to create better results for myself. I made a commitment to workout at least 5 days a week. The results have been phenomenal. In 5 months, I’ve lost 18 pounds (178 lbs to 160 lbs) and burned 2 inches off my waist (34″ to 32″). Not only do I feel great after each workout, but I’ve made more room in my mind for inspired ideas to come through because my body feels good overall.

4. mike silva federal reserve  DAILY THOUGHTS: Some of you may recall aN article I wrote called “What Kind of Thoughts Go Through Your Mind?” Instead of operating on auto-pilot as most people tend to do, I pay attention to the thoughts that come through. If they serve the greater good, than I keep them. If they don’t, I toss em’ out by consciously replacing them with better thoughts!

5. READ A BOOK OR WATCH AN INSPIRING MOVIE: Right now, I’m reading “The Attractor Factor” by Joe Vitale. It’s fabulous. I just bought “The Secret” DVD and pop it in my computer when I need to be reminded of the law of attraction principles or need a little boost of energy. I almost never watch the news or TV shows that carry negative energy. I consciously pick and choose what I feel will inspire, uplift and motivate me to the next level.

6. REPROGRAM MY MINDSET: The secret is to elevate your level of self-awareness and become conscious of your belief system. I make it a daily habit to reprogram my old belief system that no longer serve me. For example, “You have to struggle to make it to the top” becomes “Business comes to me easily and effortlessly.”

7. LET GO AND LET GOD: One of the toughest things for most people is to let go and let God. After you set an intention for something to manifest in your life (whether it’s more money, a better job, a better relationship, etc), one of the secrets to bringing about the “impossible” is to let it go. Trust the universe will bring about the “how” to you. By letting things go on a conscious level, I am sending a signal to the universe that I am trusting that it will bring about exactly what I desire back to me in more ways than one. “Letting go” prevents me from locking into any one source of manifestation.

8. TAKE INSPIRED ACTION: Inspired action come from “inner nudges” that compel you to take a specific course of action toward the intention you just put out and let go. Sometimes I get ideas in the shower or through other people’s emails, from a book or even a billboard that triggers an actionable idea that feels right. If the action to take feels good, do it! Don’t delay. Someone’s email to me is an example of something of an idea that she triggered in me. All she wrote was: “Your writings definitely show people how to graduate from “Adversity University.” It’s all about getting the lessons…..”

This led me to the idea of offering e-courses online, just like a regular university where I would charge tuition and teach life lessons in overcoming adversity over a 5-week period. More details to follow……

9. WAYS TO GIVE/PAY IT FORWARD: Famous motivational speaker Zig Ziglar says “if you help just enough other people get what they want, you get what you want.” I am always thinking how I can give back in the form of tithing money, spending quality time with someone, sharing ideas or tips, expressing love, giving recognition and experiencing gratitude, etc. You’ll recall Joe Vitale’s e-book I told you about in an earlier post about the power of giving.


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