Just Do It – Take Action With the Queen of Wands

Queen of wands
Queen of wands

Need to know when to stop thinking and start doing? Then using the archetypal energy of the Queen of Wands is what you need. The Queen of wands is a woman of action. She confidently sits upon her throne willing to offer you the wand of possibilities. She beckons you to not only dream big but to act big. Her motto is ‘Go for It!” I truly believe the quote “Shoot for the moon cos even if you miss you will land among the stars.” Was penned by the energy of the Queen of Wands.

The sunflower she holds, which can only be in full bloom while facing the light of the sun, is her way of encouraging you to stand in your own brilliance. And let the light of your potential shine for the world to see. What use are all of your skills, ideas and plans with you never do anything with them? The sunflower reminds us that in order to have our time in the sun we must allow ourselves to be seen. To raise ourselves out of the shadows and let the world know, here we are!

The Queen of wands association with cat energy is all about self confidence, self reliance and self entitlement. Let’s face it, sometimes you just have to put yourself and your needs first. The queen of wands tells you this is not about ego, it’s about your commitment to your own personal success. She reminds you that all journeys on this physical plane are selfish ones. But this does not make them void of love, compassion and understanding.

The queen of wands, reminds you that part of being happy and abundant on all levels, is giving to yourself the way you give to others. Which means giving yourself as much love and encouragement as you do those around you. It also means following your own advice and acting out the very words you preach. Walk your talk and embrace your inner power.

So take the wand of possibility from the queen and head down the path of your success with your head held high and a pep in your step. Allow the archetypal energy of the Queen of Wands to guide you towards the steps you need to take to achieve your hearts desires. Let her lead you down the path of success based action, with confidence and integrity. Unleash your creative passion and to quote the queen of wands, Go For IT!!!.


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