How to Collect Venetian Masks

Masks have been used for both ceremonial purposes and anonymity. However, the Venetian mask or masquerading mask was used for the latter. People from the Venetian region developed and mask to allow them to partake in activities anonymously. Historians agree that the strict rules of the state and church curtailed the activities of the Venetians. Hence the wearing of the mask freed them to do whatever they wanted. They must have been a fun item!

The number of collectors of Venetian Masks is increasing around the world. The masks are interesting pieces to look at and they can be still worn today at parties and other functions. They still allow the wearer a sense of anonymity.

Here are a few tips on collecting Venetian masks.

There are several types of Venetian astm mask levels  but not many have survived from the past. The Columbino masks are still manufactured in a similar way. The Columbino mask is a half face mask that is decorated with sequins, feathers and other embellishments. Start by collecting replicas. They are inexpensive and available from several online stores. Other styles from that era are more difficult to obtain, like the bautta or full face mask that allows the wearer to eat and drink without removing the mask. When purchasing online, confirm with the seller that the masks will be packaged safely for transport. They are delicate items.

Research the origins and history of Venetian masks. The different styles had different purposes.

One you have obtained your first masks, remember to catalogue them so that you can recall vital information. Vital information includes, type of mask, description of mask, date of purchase, purchase price, condition and any other relevant information. Most people record the information in spreadsheet or a simple database.

Create a display that tells the story. Some people hang the masks from small hooks, while others mount them onto a model’s head. Others simply store them on a flat surface behind glass. There is no superior storage or displaying method but to ensure that they do not degrade due to dust, grime or dampness. Arrange the masks so that they tell the story that you want told.

The most important part of collecting is to enjoy the collection. After spending hours researching and acquiring the items, the collector should enjoy the fruits of his or her works.

Get your Venetian masks from reputable online sellers in order to avoid disappointment.

Meet other collectors when travelling and be ready to swap or trade to improve each other’s collections.


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