Obtain and Name a Star – Why It’s the Ultimate Gift

Have you ever been caught on the hop for a gift idea for a birthday, celebrations, valentines or anniversary? Do you rack your brains looking for gifts that are suitable for allevents, from baby naming to retirement gifts bought and sent to any where in the world?

Have you ever been stuck for a gift idea for a birthday, Christmas, valentines or anniversary?
Do you rack your brains looking for gifts that are suitable for all ages, from baby naming to retirement gifts? Have you ever been so busy that you forgot to buy a gift for a special event or for someone you love and need something last minute, reasonably priced and special all at the same time? If you need a gift that can be used to say, I’m sorry, marry me, I love you, or even be sent in memorandum? Then naming a star could be the personalized gift solution you’re searching for.

Can I Really Buy a Star?
Stars are not physically for sale as they don’t belong to any official body to claim tenancy to. Therefore it is not practical to own a star as a matter of property like you would your TV for instance. buy a star one is therefore a symbolic gift idea that represents no legal possession rights.
The star claimed will, most importantly, be a warm, heartfelt unique gift to treasure as a memory of the special occasion or to mark an important event for which the gift was given. Your star will be an actual one from the Tycho2 stellar map data base however, unique to you in the company deed data base where you purchase your gift from.

What Will I Get When I Buy a Star Gift?
Depending on where you chose to purchase, you should ensure that they offer a unique real star from the Tycho2 data base, an individually prepared and printed gift pack, in a presentation folder, containing a map to your star, information about the individual star, unique and sole ownership with the company of your allocated star, an owners certificate with the star name you have chosen with a personal message included written by you at time of purchase. More surprises may also be included in the gift pack.

How is Buying a Star a Last Minute Gift?
That’s simple, if you are caught out with no gift at short notice, purchase your star gift pack which will of course be sent via the post quickly. At the time of purchase (if you choose a star naming company that offers the service, check before purchase) in only moments you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the receivers star deed registry entry, which will have a private link to the unique named star and message on-line in their deed registry, ready for immediate inspection. Simply print or send that via email so the receiver can immediately be delighted by viewing part of their personal stellar gift, which is the accessible on-line entry deed from you right away. It takes mere minutes from order to receiving the link, with their gift info and the named entry included in the site registry. They can be assured that the rest of their personalized gift is on it’s way.

What Person or Event is the Naming Service a Suitable Gift for?
Stars have held a special meanings for people throughout time. Since medieval times through to more modern times. For example, we: wish upon a star, read our star signs, follow our guiding star. Even today, stars are symbolic of love, eternity, hope, guidance and comfort. Stars have been used to navigate ships, guide the lost traveler and to give a sense of romance to lovers looking up at the night sky. Kids are fascinated by them and they capture the imagination of all ages to this very day. Famous quotes about stars abound such as: “If I could, I would give you the stars” – now that wish can become a reality (of sorts)!


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