Black Hat SEO Method and forum

SEO techniques can be classified into two categories: Black hat forum which is known as a good SEO technique and white hat SEO which is referred as bad method.

In the past study, black hat refers to a good guy, hero or an ethical hacker that works to test methodology to ensure that the information system in a certain company is secure. In the recent years, it has been applied and use until now to the Search Engine Optimization industry.

It refers to the usage of SEO techniques, strategies and tactics that are agreeable to the search engines, thus it follows rules and policies. This is considered as a best practice method of getting your website to the high page rank. It tends to produce results that will last a long time unlike the white hat that may eventually be banned either temporarily or permanently once the search engine discovered what they are doing.

It is designed to maintain the quality and relevance to the people who are searching for something. It is about being honest and ethical through proper using of meta-tags, keywords, spider-friendly page and web design. This can get you away from any trouble if you’re trying to run your website and this is an important aspect to your internet marketing campaign.

What are the techniques of black hat SEO?

– In terms of content writing of a website, you have to write a unique, good content that provides a lot of information that helps solve a problem for users. Copying or duplicating other websites is not recommendable.

– Do not overload your pages with a lot of keywords.

– Build a site with a good internal linking structure so that the spider can find all your pages easily.

– Join forums; write articles, blogs and press release.

-Submit website URL to the different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and etc.

Why use black hat techniques?

Basically, the use of this technique tends to last much longer than the white hat although it takes a lot of effort and long time to materialize it but once it is achieved, the result will definitely last longer. Aside also from creating a helpful content, it can attract most valuable links. It produces a sense of feeling that you have contributed to the world knowing that you’ve helped someone without doing anything unethical.

black hat is opposite of the white hat in every way. It is done in a graceful manner with several positive effects while white hat requires use of programs in building back links. Aside from that, black hat techniques are the safest move that you can do to prevent your website from getting banned.

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