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Доставка по всей России

St. Petersburg, Mandrogy, Kizhi, Kuzino, Yaroslavl, Uglich, Moscow

Having cruised with Viking River Cruises a few times previously, we previously had pre-imagined thoughts of what’s in store on our 13-day Waterways of the Czars voyage from St. Petersburg to Moscow. We even did some pre-journey research online by perusing surveys on different sites from other people who had been on this indistinguishable voyage and boat. The audits were blended, so we were scrutinizing our assumptions which depended all alone past involvement in Viking River Cruises.


At the point when we originally moved toward Viking Ingvar docked in St. Petersburg, the main thing that struck us was how much bigger it was than other stream boats on which we have cruised. Dissimilar to Viking River Cruises’ European boats, which regularly convey 150 visitors (new “longships” convey 190), Viking Ingvar Доставка по всей России up to 206 visitors. The boat was totally restored in 2011 and they are dead serious when they say “totally”. The state of the boat was one of our interests subsequent to perusing a portion of the surveys. Notwithstanding, when we ventured on board Viking Ingvar it resembled a pristine boat! You could never realize that this boat was dispatched in 1989. The Scandinavian, contemporary inside with light shaded woods may seem sterile to a few, yet it overflows present day and originality.

Boats that sail in Russia must be underlying Russia, so Viking River Cruises is fairly restricted to the Russian-constructed boat’s unique plan and floorplan. Be that as it may, when this boat was initially developed during the Soviet Union time, it was intended to convey in excess of 424 visitors! Obviously, the Soviets were not enthusiastic about common luxuries. Here is the thing that you will discover on each deck:

Primary Deck: 200-arrangement staterooms, Reception Desk, Library, little Internet Cafe with 2 PCs and printer, and a pleasant blessing shop.

Center Deck: 300-arrangement staterooms, Neva Restaurant, Coffee station, public bathrooms

Upper Deck: 400-arrangement staterooms, Panorama Bar

Sun Deck: Sky Bar, Sun Deck

Every open space, corridors and staterooms were remembered for the boat’s new refurb, so everything looks new and new. Stephan Busch, Hotel Manager, makes sure that the boat is kept perfectly spotless. There is one lift locally available.

Web access is free and accessible 24 hours per day through the two workstations in the Internet Cafe on the Main Deck, or, by utilizing the boat’s Wi-Fi with your own PC or Wi-Fi skilled gadget. Undeniably, the Internet administration on Viking Ingvar was gives over the best I have encountered on any stream voyage. What a charming amazement! I had the option to post my every day blog every day and stay aware of email, no issue. Obviously, similar to any stream voyage, there were times when the assistance was dropped. At whatever point a boat experiences a lock, for instance; this is only a specialized truth of waterway cruising. Additionally, when we were far north on Lake Onega, administration was inaccessible for an extensive stretch. Other than that, I have no bad things to say. In addition to the fact that internet was accessible all through the boat, even in our stateroom, association speeds were nice. Great job!

Smoking isn’t allowed anyplace inside the boat. Smoking is allowed in assigned territories outwardly decks.

With the prevalence of waterway cruising, it isn’t uncommon to have a few boats moor at a similar wharf one next to the other, tying up to one another, making it important to stroll through the anteroom of at least one different boats to get to the shore. Thus, before you open your draperies, know that you may be eye-to-eye with the inhabitants on the boat that is tied up to your boat! Viking Helgi was cruising a similar schedule we were so it was not irregular to need to stroll through her entryway. Since she looks essentially indistinguishable from Viking Ingvar, you needed to focus on be certain you were on the right boat. At one put on our agenda, I think we needed to stroll through at any rate four boats to get to the shore and there were ships on the opposite side of us whose travelers needed to stroll through in excess of five boats!


Our class AX Deluxe stateroom #415 is situated on the Upper Deck of Viking Ingvar. As per the Viking River Cruises writing, the stateroom has 160 sq. ft. I neglected to pack my measuring tape, so I will trust them. The stateroom feels bigger than past Viking River Cruises lodges. Like the remainder of Viking Ingvar, the staterooms went through complete rebuilding in 2011, and it is self-evident. The lodge looks shiny new. Indeed, the photographs on their site don’t show the new bed cloths which incorporate agreeable European-style duvets.

In view of the boat’s construction, there is a post in our room. It was odd to see it from the start, yet following a day, you don’t see it. There is a huge picture window on the back divider that watches out over a promenade deck. You can really open this window by contorting the handle at the top and sliding the window down. This was an incredible element for taking pictures from the stateroom. Simply recall that your window opens onto a public promenade! Additionally, there is no screen on the window, so be mindful so as not to give any flying creepy crawlies access. In 2013, the boat will go through more remodels to change over that promenade into singular verandas for the staterooms.

The two twin beds (joined to frame a sovereign measured bed for our situation) are on one divider with end tables which are mounted to the divider. Each end table is fundamentally a little table top and a solitary rack for capacity. There are light switches close to each bed to control the individual understanding light and other lodge lighting. There is additionally a 220 outlet over every night stand. The beds are firm, however agreeable and the new cloths, duvets and pads are entirely agreeable. There is a lot of room under the beds to store void gear.

On the divider confronting the beds is a long work area/amusement/bar support. There is a ton of tabletop space for your PC, cameras, or other individual things. A bowl of leafy foods filtered water can be found here also. You will likewise discover a phone and the Quiet Vox charging station situated here. An enormous mirror over the work area permits this zone to be utilized as a vanity. There is a little stool under where you can sit and put on cosmetics, or work on your PC. Ingvar’s creators worked really hard of including a lot of plugs. There are two 220 Euro-style outlets at the work area and a solitary 110 US-style outlet. However long you pack a couple of Euro-to-US prong connectors, you ought to be all set! One thing Rickee would have jumped at the chance to have had was an amplifying cosmetics reflect on the work area. There was a lot of space for it and even source for the fitting on the off chance that it were a lit amplifying mirror. That would be an incredible expansion!

With respect to capacity, there is a good measured storeroom to hold your hanging things and enough space under for shoes. An enormous rack over the holders is another space for capacity of things. The solitary cabinet in the stateroom is the little cabinet under the work area. Originators selected retires rather than drawers. There are three open retires close to the smaller than normal cooler. On one or the other side of the work area, there is a three-rack unit behind pivoted entryways. The utilization of racks rather than drawers is well on the way to downplay lodge clamor. On the off chance that you have ever been stirred by the sound of hammering drawers, you will value the utilization of racks. There are likewise four snares on the rear of the lodge entryway, ideal for hanging coats, covers, rucksacks, and so forth In light of the post in our room, there could be no other table, however there is a seat.

The washroom is quite average. There is a decent measured give slow down blind. A little vanity top and a three-rack reflected medication bureau offers a lot of room for most close to home things. There is likewise a rack under the sink/vanity. The sink is enormous and has another, advanced fixture. All restroom apparatuses look fresh out of the box new and everything worked faultlessly. Furthermore, Ingvar’s specialists have sorted out some way to make a boat’s latrine flush without the sound of a stream motor at max throttle! The vacuum framework is murmur calm. Robes and shoes are accessible upon demand. Pleasant L’Occitane conveniences are given in the washroom and renewed on a case by case basis.

The 26″ level screen Sony TV is mounted high and can be effortlessly seen from the bed. There is likewise generally excellent programming including CNN International, BBC World, CNBC, a film channel, a boat’s channel and some unfamiliar stations. Lamentably, no Fox News or Sky News on this cruising. There is a little electronic protected under the TV for resources. There is sufficient space between the finish of the bed and the work area, so that on the off chance that one individual is situated at the work area the other individual can stroll behind them (we have been in certain lodges where you need to slither across the end There is sufficient space between the finish of the bed and the work area, so that in the event that one individual is situated at the work area the other individual can stroll behind them (we have been in certain lodges where you need to creep across the finish of the bed to move beyond somebody situated at the work area). The bed and bedding are agreeable and we love the pads and duvets. The lodge is sensibly calm, to some degree because of the utilization of racks rather than drawers and lodge entryways that nearby unobtrusively without hammering shut. On the off potential for success that individuals are having the corridor talking, you can hear them. Luckily, everybody on our floor was typically circumspect and we had no commotion issues. The A/C framework functions admirably and will freeze you out of the room on the off chance that you wrench it up. There is an indoor regulator to change temperature, yet no on/off switch. The housekeeping administrations were as great or better than any voyage we have ever experienced. Our stateroom chaperon, Damira, kept our stateroom totally flawlessly spotless. Rickee incidentally strolled in on Damira one day and she was in the restroom on all fours scouring the floor! I noticed her in the corridor one day really cleaning down the door jambs.

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