CISSP Training and Certification – Best Practice Against Cybercrime

‘Cybercrime’ – the word that we are listening more often these days, with the increased cyber issues globally, is creating nuisance in the global IT industry. As the rate of cybercrime is growing every day, it basically means crime involving computer or a network. After understanding the IT security risks, most organizations these days have started to value employees with understanding of IT security risks, as many organizations require employees to have specific security certifications. One such security certification is CISSP certification.

There are various types of cyber crimes such as botnets, morphine malware, cyber extortion, online fraud and many more. These critical cyber crimes hamper businesses immensely. Companies face significant losses to productivity. Owing to critical losses, value of IT security for any organization has increased in recent times. (ISC)2 CISSP training and certification courses have become one of the top IT security certification courses and many organizations seek employees with this certification for both IT jobs and Goetzman. In few places, IT Security certifications are mandatory, places like – Government defense services for the administrative account.

Let us see few IT security bottlenecks:

Cyber Extortion These Cyber attackers use DDoS -distributed denial of service, to show that can cripple the Websites and corporate networks and then they demand protection payments to stop the attacks, basically the extortion money.

Botnets Malwares are used to damage systems to corrupt hard drive or system files. Today is has evolved as a tool which is often used by criminals to steal identities and hard cash from regular people.

Morphing Malware Malicious crimes takes place today using malware to enlist zombies into their huge botnets. These are then utilized to allow criminals to steal money from people and organizations on a grand scale.

Zero Day VulnerabilitiesEven if one is just performing simple functions such as keeping a system up-to-date, running AV software and regularly updating signature files, you are still at risk from zero day vulnerabilities.

Online FraudOnline fraud is basically a fraud occurring through the Internet, such as charges on stolen credit cards and charge backs required by a credit card’s issuing bank.

So, when one studies IT security certifications, like CISSP certification, one expects their skills and knowledge to be in high demand. Organizations using computers, especially companies those who have online presence are more aware of the risk to IT systems and networks. Hence, more and more organizations have started realizing the importance of these skills as online face of the company is utmost important these days.

CISSP certification is one such IT security certification that one should really consider for making career in IT security domain. Being recognized worldwide and serves as a strong indication that you possess both the knowledge and skills to adequately provide information security. There are various methods in which one can seek this certification, such as – CISSP classroom training, CISSP bootcamp training and other strategic methods to seek training. Appropriate for senior and mid-level managers or IT professionals who plan for becoming or are in the position of a CSO, CISO or senior security engineer.

Pre-requisite for the CISSP ExamOnce you are confident after attaining a proper CISSP training you still need to consider few parameters to get the certification.There are certain pre-requisites to get this certification, one need to have at least five years of experience in working directly in security as it relates to two or more of the domains of (ISC)2 CISSP.

Domains mainly include- application security, operation security, access control, telecommunications and network security, cryptography, security architecture and design, risk management and information security, disaster recovery planning and information security, physical security, and regulations, legal, compliance and investigation.

Alternatively, if you have a four year college degree in information security, you would only require having four years of experience.

The ExamOne requires doing 250 MCQs with a time limit of 6 hours. Total point one can receive is 700 points or more in order to be certified.

One is also required to re-certify after every three years so that your credentials remain in good standing.

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