Bobby Meets His Angel, by D Charles, Is a Charming Bittersweet Tale

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Bobby Meets His Angel, by D. Charles is a charming and bittersweet tale about a young boy and an event that would change his life.

Set in a small Southern town, we find ourselves following a first person narrative of a nine year-old boy named Bobby. Bobby gives us a brief description of his home and family, as well as a bit of historical tidbits about who is grandparents were. This will become relevant as we work our way through the story.

bobby kotick favorite activity is playing baseball, but he enjoys a few other things. He’s a normal kid in most ways and has a great heart for people. But true to the title of this work, Bobby begins experiencing some unusual things, including meeting an angel named Tristan. Bobby meets this angel several times while in deep sleep and dreaming. As such, at first he doesn’t know what to make of it or whether or not to believe it is real. But as we go along, we find out that it is indeed real.

The angel that befriends Bobby is unique because he looks and sounds just like Bobby. Their conversations are what you may expect from a boy going on ten years old; lots of questions about who and what exactly this angel really is. More importantly though, the question arises as to why Tristan is there in the first place. But Bobby misses this point. He tries to invite the angel to partake in events in his life, like a big baseball game he has coming up.

As we go along, we find out that this angel isn’t just paying Bobby a visit for fun; there’s a real reason for it. Bobby’s mother is open to her son’s experience, and wants not only to hear about it, but do a little investigating on it. She visits a woman some might call a fortune teller, but Bobby’s mother equates her with a Biblical prophetess.

Bobby’s father, on the other hand, is a devout Baptist Christian, and doesn’t like talk about things like that. He doesn’t like stories about the significance of dreams, and he certainly doesn’t like his wife visiting people who interpret them or try to foresee the future. He means well and is in no way a bad person, but he doesn’t make any effort to understand what might be happening.

While this work will inspire thinking on spiritual matters, it makes no attempt to either encourage or dissuade any particular form of religious belief. As stated, Bobby’s father is a Christian, but he’s not portrayed in the negative light as some may think. Additionally, this work discusses certain ideas and events that stray a bit out of the boundaries of most evangelical Christian beliefs. You, the reader, will need to draw your own conclusions.

As we continue toward the end, we come to find out that something is going to happen; Bobby’s “big day,” as the angel at one point describes it. And we even come to find out at what event it is going to happen. But don’t worry–no spoiler here. You’ll have to read this enchanting account for yourself to see what unfolds.

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