5 Types of Exciting Bounce Houses


Bounce houses are colorful, fun and the perfect entertainment for a great kid’s birthday bash. Though there are hundreds of them, the best ones are those that can give your kids fun, excitement and thrills! You can have a giant inflatable in the form of a kangaroo or a tunneled castle. Whatever you choose, it is bound to give you extensive fun at an affordable price range.

There are different kinds available for the different age groups. When you buy, figure out one that will be suiting your home best. You will have to find out what kind of inflatable would you be able to have in the backyard. Here’s a brief look on some of the various rentals generally available.

1. Puzzle Bounce Houses

A puzzle inflatable is made up of jigsaw patterns and kids have to find their way across. This is a great bounce house rentals Zephyrhills FL for kids between the ages of 2 to 4. They are fun, safe and stimulating to their sense of curiosity.

2. Jumping Inflatable

This one is a favorite of all kids. They love jumping up and down on an inflatable that could sometimes take them quite high in the air! Though this is a great sport, it is not recommended for very young kids. These bounces are good for children aged 6 and above.

3. Bungee Run

Now this is truly exciting inflatable for kids who love to have a good race while being pulled back with a stretchable rope that allows running only for a specific distance. There are different colors and running lengths that could be enjoyed. For kids into racing, this is just perfect.

4. Slide Style Inflatable

Kids from the age of two and above simply love playing with sliders. There are a number of heights and are again available in different lengths. Pick the one you think could be most suitable for your kids considering their age as too high slide inflatable could be difficult for kids to play safely.

5. Character Based Inflatable

For young children, a character based inflatable is the best bounce house you could put up. Mickey, Dinosaur and other cartoon characters are mostly loved.

When you rent an inflatable, make sure that the company is strict on cleanliness and provides high quality items. Do not rent anything which you think falls back on quality. Be sure to check the cleanliness factor as most of the time inflatable available is not hygienic and could cause serious health factors.

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