9 Types of Fences Used Globally

Fencing is basically a boundary around a specified place to avoid any kind of encroachment. This is used at various property types and for various purposes. It can be used in farm fields for preventing animals to enter the field, in homes for privacy and security, and in factories for protection against thefts and other dangers, etc.

There are several different types of fencing wire, such as:

  1. 1. Barbed Wire:These are usually made of steel wire and are out of the oldest forms of fencing wires available. Usually, owners of the residential apartments, commercial premises, and agricultural lands extensive make use of them for their properties.

When looking for a low cost -easy installation fence option, the barbed wire is considered as the most effective solution available.

  1. Chain Link Fence: A popular kind of fence that is used would be chain link systems. The property owners use the chain link fence due to its strong functionality,easy installation and of course aesthetic appearance.
  2. Razor Wire: A replacement of the barbed wire that many property owners use extensively is razor wire. This has made this product very popular in the market in recent times. The razor wire essentially contains a central strand that is a high tensile wire, a steel tape is further punched to form barbs. The barbed wire is made of galvanized tape and core wire. A premium variety of this includes stainless steel along with a stainless steel tape.
  3. 4. Plastic mesh: The Plastic Mesh is the most commonly used fencing wire for household gardens. Since they are light and very easy to install, one can install it all without any help. These can be made available in several different colors. They can also be customized as per the needs in any shape or size.
  4. Concertina Coil Fence: In the case of industrial constructions, one cannot ignore the value of a concertina coil fence. People select this kind of fencing wire because of its incredibly effective when stopping the human trespassing on property is the main agenda. Many institutions, factories, and even apartment complexes now have to be adapted to this fencing option.

The diameter of the concertina coil is the main reason which makes it effective. The blades are so sharp that is extremely difficult to trespass. It also has a feature – the spring type, which easily entangles any person who is trying to enter wrongly.

  1. Precast Compound walls Fence: This type of fencing is perfect if one is looking to provide privacy to your property, a common option that used is a precast compound wall. It is considered as a substitute for the regular compound wall fencing. This can be easily installed and costs 30% less than the regular compound wall.
  2. Electric fence: One may consider this electric fence as the last resort because it requires some maintenance. This is used mainly in high-security places to provide added security.
  3. Welded Mesh: A type of fencing that comes in square or rectangular designs. Made of a steel wire that is welded at all intersection. This is a great option for high-security facilities.
  4. Gabions: These are known for rectangular shape wired mesh basket which contains rocks and stones. These are usually installed at project sites forming solid and adaptable structures like retaining walls used for the road, business and industrial projects. This also used for its architectural beauty.

Above mentioned are the majority of fencing wires used all over the globe.

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