Amazon Lightsail: Cloud Hosting For Your Website

Amazon web service lightsail

Hi guys, today we are discussing here what is Amazon Lightsail. So when you develop WordPress or ASP.Net using C #. You need to get a hosting scheme to live your Site. Without hosting servers, you will be able to view your website on your computer. But if you want to open your website on different computers without installing it on the computer. Amazon Web Services has developed Amazon Lightsail for cloud hosting. Therefore amazon Lightsail has solved our problems. Oh, is that so! What did you say? You mean how Aws solve our problem. Well, let’s see …

First of all, let’s create an AWS instant

How to create Amazon Lightsail Instance

Type this URL into your browser After that login form appear than you have to click on create a new AWS account button which is below the login form. Fill all the required details and signup your account. Then search for Lightsail and click on it it will open in the next window. See below image how it will look…

amazon lightsail


2 Now you can select the region in which you want to create your instance (server). Generally, the closer your example is to your users, the lower the latency and faster connection. Here, I have chosen the Mumbai area closest to my location.

Amazon lightsail

  1. The next step is to select the example image (OS and application). For the Linux platform, you can select either OS only, where you have the option to choose from Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, CentOS or Amazon Linux.

amazon lightsail

Or you can select an application with OS. When you select an application, AWS automatically installs all the necessary packages and files needed to work with that application, so that you don’t have to install yourself. See AWS review.

For Windows Server, currently, the only available app in SQL Server.

For Apps, I will select Node.js here, you can choose anything else if you want.

  1. In the optional section above you can add a launch script, this is a shell script that will run on the instance when first launched. If you have deployed an EC2 instance in the past, you may remember that it resembles the user’s data there.

amazon lightsail

For example, you can use this script to do some configuration.

By default, LightSail uses the default ssh key pair for your Linux instances. You can use this ssh key to connect to your instance using SSH via the command line.

Now, time to choose an instance plan. You can see various fixed price schemes available. If you are trying it for the first time, you can use the $ 3.5 first plan for a month for free.

  1. If you wish, you can give your example a unique name.

You can also tag your examples to easily filter or arrange them for billings and analysis purposes.

Now click on Create Instance button to create your first Lightsail frequency!


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