Cleaning And Maintaining UPVC Windows

Un-Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride windows have stronger structure compared to traditional wooden windows. This is probably one of the major reasons why the UPVC windows have become very popular among homeowners. The material also maintains quality and shape over the years hence your home aesthetics are maintained for long. But just like any other material, you should ensure that the UPVC windows are cleaned and maintained appropriately to improve life and appearance.

The frame

UPVC window frames should be cleaned at least twice every year. An old paint brush can be used to loosen dirt, cobwebs and dust from the frame. They can then be cleared using a vacuum cleaner before cleaning with a soft cloth in a solution of warm water and washing up liquid. Attention should be given to the edges where the window sits in outer frame. When cleaning the frame, it is best that you stick to white soft cloth because dyed or colored cloth may leave color on the ซื้อ Key Windows 10 Pro แท้. Abrasive cloths or sponges should be avoided and also harsh creams and chemical cleaners that could end up damaging the plastic. For stubborn dirt, consider solvent PVC cleaner, but keep it off silicone seals on the frame because it can lift it off.

The glass

The glass needs more regular cleaning in a year compared to the frame. To keep streaky finishes when washing, try not to do it in direct sunlight. For best results start with a good rub down using a damp cloth so that excess dirt is removed. Once this is done, you can choose to use e-cloths or traditional glass cleaner. If you choose the glass cleaner, go for non-smear and apply to the glass directly before working it on glass using a quality cloth that will not leave fibers on the window glass. You can then use a microfiber cloth to polish and dry glass perfectly. E-cloths on the other hand offer very easy cleaning because you do not need any cleaning products. The cloths are packed in twos so you have one for cleaning the glass and another for drying them.

Maintenance tips

The working parts of the window need spray oil every few months to maintain them and keep them functioning effectively. This should be done to the hinges, locking system and the handles, but with care so that too much oil is not left on the glass.

Inspect the hinges and tighten them if they feel loose, especially after spraying them with the oil. It is a simple way of preventing long term failure.

For the handles, spray the oil to window key before inserting the handle lock and wiggling it gently so the oil is spread thoroughly. This should be done with windows closed.

To oil locking system, have the window opened and then spray on locking strip, then use a kitchen roll to wipe off excess oil.

Find out from your UPVC window manufacturer or supplier about any required maintenance for your specific windows so you can keep them in good shape.


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