Liposuction Surgery has been improving by the passing of Time

Liposuction (vacuum fat removal), diet, exercise, and despite all the other efforts to get rid of stubborn excess fat and more aesthetic body lines are known to be the most effective method. Contrary to the general belief in the society, if the liposuction is performed by trained and experienced surgeons, the complication rate is quite low, it is a very safe and high patient satisfaction rate.

Liposuction is the name of a vacuum degreasing technique. It is made by connecting the cannulas which are produced with thin and various properties to a special vacuum device which can be adjusted pressure. The cannulas are delivered to the body from the appropriate places to the area where liposuction will be performed and the fat tissue is absorbed and removed. Although it may seem technically simple, it is not only about getting fat.

How Does Liposuction Technique Work?

Liposuction is done from the 3-5 mm cuts produced using the suitable purposes of the district and the fat tissues are expelled from the locale by the unique metal cannulas that are embedded into the fat tissue and associated with the vacuum gadget by methods for an uncommon hose. This cannula, with distances across 2 to 5 mm, has obtuse closures and fat is extricated from the openings at last sides. The point is to make the body forms corresponding and reliable with the tasteful appearance by taking out the distensions of the fat tissues that gather in the locales being referred to. The liposuction procedure can be performed physically by methods for vacuum made by plugs applied to cylinders with huge injectors without utilizing vacuum gadgets.

Varieties of Liposuction Procedure

A special solution is injected into the adipose tissue before starting the procedure. In this way, best liposuction in India can be performed without bleeding and more easily. Because of the local anesthetic, it contains, early and postoperative pain is prevented. This is known as the Wet Technique. The dry technique, which was once applied, is now completely abandoned. There is also a method called “ultrasonic liposuction” in which the fats are softened and then the liposuction process is performed with ultrasonic vibrations. However, the necessity of this method is discussed by the users themselves and it is expressed by themselves that they use less and less.

Liposuction surgery is performed under local anesthesia if it is to be performed in single and small areas and under general anesthesia if it is to be performed in large and large areas. Operation time varies from 1 to 4 hours depending on the number and width of the area.

Where is liposuction applied?

Women: Back-inner parts of the arms, hips, hips, thighs (upper leg) upper-inner parts, abdomen and waist side parts, inner sides of the knees, inner and outer parts of the laptop, inner and outer parts of the ankle, tickle and lower ears – the front region is the region where more fat is collected than other regions. This removes the protrusions in these areas that cause an ugly appearance. If there are cellulite in the area where liposuction is applied, which causes a rugged appearance on the skin, these also disappear to a great extent but cellulitis continue in the areas where liposuction is not applied. Liposuction is not recommended for the sole purpose of removing cellulite.

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