Playing Poker: What Motivates the Top Poker Players

For what reason do we play poker? In any case, particularly for what reason do you play poker? This may strike you as an odd inquiry yet it is significant for your future achievement in the realm of poker. The motivation behind why you play poker is at any rate as significant as the manner in which you play poker.

We can classify some way or another the reasons why we play poker, we can appropriately dissect them and after that we can utilize them to improve our genuine gaming style.

On the off chance that we could solicit a few hundreds from players “For what reason do you play poker?” the chances are very enormous that their answer would be “For the cash”. Be that as it may, on the off chance that we could get to their last year insights we would see that some simply didn’t win any cash whatsoever, or if nothing else that they didn’t win more that they lost. In the event that cash is the main explanation these individuals play poker they for what reason do they continue doing it? Obviously, there are a lot more answers that they would prefer truly not to concede. This happens in light of the fact that there are numerous different inspirations that push us to play poker similarly as extraordinary as the longing to win many, however a large number of them are considerably more prominent.

Also, when you come to consider it, you can without a doubt find numerous reasons: fun, the adoration for the game, rivalry, making companions, the longing to beat the best there is in the realm of 그레잇게임, and the rundown can continue forever. Be that as it may, in the event that you comprehend the different purposes for your game you will in the end figure out how to change your view about winning and losing or you will have the option to pick the entirely fit games for you, the ones that will present to you the most achievement.

In his book, “Brain research of Poker”, Alan N. Shoonmaker clarifies in detail the significance of understanding individual motivations so as to discover the response to the inquiry “For what reason do we play poker?”

I will venture to talk a smidgen about this hypothesis.

Take a pen and a bit of paper and record the accompanying:


Making companions




Simply breathing easy

In the event that you can think about extra reasons, compose those down moreover. Presently you should consider every option and find inside yourselves the genuine reasons you play poker for.

When you did that, compose after each reason a rate, regardless of whether it is 0%, simply remember that every one of them included must approach 100%.

On the off chance that somebody would play poker 20% for Money, 10% for unwinding, half for delight and the staying 20% for rivalry, at that point he would be what is known as a free player more often than not, playing numerous hands and remaining in the game as much as possible only for the adventure of being there. This is the most significant think for him and it impacts his style of playing.

On the off chance that you figure out how to deliberately and accurately dissect your own circumstance you can in the end change a few pieces of your game you don’t care for or improve the ones that you consider are acceptable.

In numerous kinds of rivalries, the fight is right off the bat inside yourself and simply after that with your adversaries. Terrible slip-ups in poker are made when you are excessively pleased, when you question your capacity and uncertainty your self constantly, when you are too terrified or modest when you should make a move or when your considerations are simply elsewhere.

On the off chance that you play poker just with companions to sit back, at that point you should pick games with low offers, so your bankroll will last more. In the event that you are playing to unwind, at that point avoid the games with poker enthusiasts and pick a few games with less included players.

The appropriate responses can be different and they just rely upon you. However, responding to the inquiry is an absolute necessity in the event that you wish to improve your game.


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