Russian Women Seeking American Men – A Surprising Twist

A record number of Russian women seeking American men, hope to find serious responsible men looking for loving, sensitive, dependable lifelong partners. These women make decent wives. They are very loyal, beautiful, caring, patient, and they take their marriage vows very seriously.

*Too Many Beautiful Women and very few Good Men

There are over 10 million more women than men in Russia. A majority of them prefer Russian husbands. Married Russian women do their utmost to stay married, even if they are not happy. But Russian cultural norms expect a young woman to get married and settle down. An unmarried woman in Russia is considered a failure in life, even if she has a good education and a lucrative career.

The number of Russian women seeking American men continues to rise yearly, because the ratio of men to women is about 88:100 respectively. Even if all Russian men suddenly got married today, at least 10 million women will still have no husbands. Ironically, the mistresses of married men are treated better than unmarried women in Russia. They feel safer, since they have men to turn to for help. RussianWomenLikeYou compared to westerners, are more vulnerable to spousal abuse. Most Russian men reportedly abuse alcohol, which impairs their physical health and the quality of their relationships with women.

Russian women seeking American men are not necessarily looking in droves for safe havens abroad. They, like women everywhere, are looking for genuine love, secure futures, and mutual respect. Thousands of beautiful women from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova are also looking abroad for their soul mates.

*The Race Factor

Russia does not have a history of American-type racial discrimination, but 85% of the Russian women seeking American men prefer white men, and they do not distinguish between white and Hispanic men. For them, anyone who looks white, is probably white. Meanwhile 10% want to meet Asian men, and 5% don’t care about race. Marriage to Arabs is rare primarily because of religious differences. Many men of African descent are happily married to Russian women, even though such marriages are few. Overt discrimination against Africans, and to people married to Africans is rare.

*Domestic Violence

Women in Russia are very tolerant, submissive, and insecure. The long history of communist rule has apparently branded an indelible mark of insecurity in the Russian female psyche. Russian police reportedly hardly ever respond to domestic violence reports. The disproportionately high female population has gradually diminished society’s respect for Russian women. The men know this, and they seem to have so much fun taking full advantage of it. Many men get married but suddenly divorce by age 30 to marry younger women.

In Russia with a population of 141 million, more than 14,000 women are murdered by their husbands or lovers yearly. By comparison, the U.S. with a population 303.8 million, sees 1,200 women murdered by men every year. Russian women seeking American men, also know that U.S. laws are more protective to women.

Millions of women in Russia are happily married to Russian men. In fact there are only about 0.5% of Russian women seeking American men, but millions more are very concerned about their dwindling prospects of finding mates. The Russian women seeking American men are the few who can afford the services of dating agencies. Most of them are accomplished professional women, whose lives are considered incomplete with no husbands.

*Avoid Fraud

While some men have found good wives from newspaper ads, experts advice that foreigners interested in meeting women in Russia should consider registering with professional dating agencies, and to channel all monetary transactions through these agencies. Reputable dating agencies often serve as intermediaries and facilitators to prevent abuse and fraud. But no matter how good an agency is, potential clients should use their own judgment before making final decisions about dating or marrying anyone.


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