The History of Christmas Cake and More

Christmas cake is served during the festive season in several parts of the globe and enjoyed by a lot of people. A typical English tradition which began in the 15th century, in the plum porridge form. Traditionally people ate the porridge prepared from plums on Christmas Eve to fill their stomachs after fasting for a day. As time passed, the porridge mixture was being supplemented with spices, dried fruit, and raw honey, eventually turning it into a Christmas pudding. With oatmeal, ultimately taken off the recipe, the use of eggs, butter, and wheat flour began, by the 16th century. This method held the entire mixture together, and the outcome was a boiled plum cake. In those days, people who could afford ovens began baking fruitcakes containing marzipan, for Easter. During Christmas, these people made similar kinds of cake, but instead of doing it the usual way, they used spices and seasonal dried fruit. The variety of spices characterized the peculiar eastern spices, which they say that the Wise Men brought along with them. This then culminated into the Christmas cake that we all relish today.
Today most people can afford ovens or order cakes online in Pune. But the majority of people take pleasure in indulging in a variety of fine foods and the most delicious gourmet gifts available in the world. Delighting ourselves for the holidays is something that we love.

What’s the difference between Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding?

A Christmas cake is a delicious buttery fruit cake baked in the oven and topped with icing and marzipan. These kinds of cake are prepared with flour, dried fruits, sugar, brandy, sultanas, currants, raisins, and mixed peel. On the other hand, Christmas pudding is quite different from the usual Christmas cake that we’ve fallen in love with. Christmas pudding is not baked but cooked in a bowl placed just above boiling water with an absent crumb. It is generally served with white sauce, custard or cream, and brandy butter. Whether it be Christmas cake or pudding, both are equally delicious.

All Christmas Cakes are NOT the Same

Christmas cakes are baked in several ways; usually, it is a variation of the typical fruitcake which can be dark, light, dry, moist, spongy, dense, leavened or unleavened. The finishing of the cake also depends on the choices people make. They can have various shapes, a frosty finish, covered with sugar dust, glazed or plain. Whatever be your choice, you can quickly get online cake delivery in Gurgaon.

Preparing Christmas Cake

Everyone makes their Christmas cake differently. But the one thing common no matter what type of cake you prefer or in which part of the world you live – the cakes are prepared in advance. Due to their long shelf life and dense consistency, several people make their cakes at least a month prior. The cakes are kept in an airtight container and upside down until it is revealed in December. But keeping the cake moist until then is a challenge, and that is overcome by pouring a small amount of brandy, sherry or whiskey (as per choice) into the holes of the cake weekly until Christmas. This procedure is known as cake feeding. You can easily find such cakes in Hyderabad.

Festive Baking

The Christmas cake baking procedure can be remedial for many people. Making a usual Christmas cake or any other cake grants you to supplement it with your personal touch. There are various additions to make every cake unique such as sugars and spices, nuts, and brandy or multiple flavored glazing.

The embellishment of Christmas cakes can be an enchanting experience and give life to the festive spirit. However, when you talk about Christmas cakes, there’s no perfect recipe to make the best fruitcake. Everybody likes to make their cake in a different manner making every delicious cake special.

Getting into the Spirit of Christmas

It’s now time to get into the festive spirit and begin to think of what you will require to get started. Like, the recipe, ingredients of your choice, preferred alcohol, or special decoration tools.

If you lack the patience or time to make a Christmas cake or unable to decide the best cake recipe, there is no problem with purchasing a high-quality Christmas cake from the market. As there are so many options out there, we are sure you will find the one which is right for you.

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