Tips for using taxi services in Jaipur to get around the city

taxi service in jaipur

Rajasthan Cab (RC), the official agency of the city of Jaipur, continues to develop new routes by car, taxi, cabs, minibus, and temporary routes to cover the entire city. However, these routes are still not wide enough for a visitor to the city to move with confidence. The best way to travel as a tourist is to opt for a taxi service to Jaipur or rent a car. Since 2008, the city’s transport authority has been committed to improving bus services and adding new routes.

The challenges of driving

Renting a car is another option that is better than taking a bus. However, renting a car has its own challenges. Sometimes the country is very hot and driving can be uncomfortable for most people. Between May and August, temperatures in Rajasthan can exceed 40 ° C (104 ° F). Traffic jams can also be problematic for someone who has never traveled to the city. Making a wrong turn can make your move and go around in circles.

Short city trips

Taking a taxi is the best cab service in Jaipur for visitors staying in the city for a short time and taking only a few short trips. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to get from one point to another in the city’s complex network of highways. It can be easily lost even with a taxi driver who is not reliable.

The city has well-marked signs and street names. However, there are many drivers who do not know where the signs are. Wearing street names is not the best way to explain your destination to the driver.

How to reach your destination

The best you can do is get a card. This will help you explain your destination to the taxi driver. (It will be found that some taxi drivers do not have much knowledge about the streets and streets of the city). Currently, professional taxi services in Jaipur have GPS. This solved the problem of driver loss and the impossibility of finding the destination.

You can choose to dial a taxi or call a service to pick him up at your destination. Marking a car in the street will cost less than asking for a service. However, with the call, you may get services that you would not have on the street. For example, a woman may ask a woman conductor. Female drivers are not easy to find because most drivers are men.

Another thing to keep in mind is unmarked taxis. These are the toughest and most bulky drivers you can find. There are many who are not trained and are not professionals. Use professional passenger transportation in Jaipur and be safe.

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